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    Text SOLO61 followed by £1, £2, £5 or £10 to 70070 to sponsor Nick in support of Help for Heroes.

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    Help for Hero

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    ROCKALL SOLO was a unique endurance expedition undertaken by Nick Hancock in June and July 2014, in order to raise funds for Help for Heroes.

Knowing the best things about heroes charity

We feel proud in saluting our heroes who saves the country from the external forces. They are the dedicated persons who play an important role in safeguarding us and our country. But the very fact is that we do not have the information of those brave hearts who have been injured in the wars. Many soldiers give their life during the protection of the country. But it is the time that we must stand beside them and their families. The Heroes Charity is the foundation that provides all information regarding the brave hearts and stands beside them and their families.

The working procedure of the foundation
These foundation works under the supervision of the people who have been associated with the armed forces. The Heroes Charity mainly focuses on providing the injured the soldiers a second life by involving them on the works that creates an example to the other people. This foundation also gives support to the families of the unsung heroes who give their life in order to save the country from the external forces. The members of the foundation help those families by supporting them with the financial matters and also help the children in having a secured future with their studies. All the financial help comes in the form of charity.

Heroes Charity has spread its wings all over the globe
The people who are associated with the Heroes Charity foundation are on the mission of spreading the wings all over the globe. It has been taken into consideration that if people from all over the globe does not get any information of the unsung then they will not be aware of the fact that how these people works and what their family sacrifices.
The main thing that this Heroes Charity foundation focuses on is to provide a new life to the injured ones and also provide assistance to the families who have lost their dear one. If these families are not provided financial and other types of help from the common people then it will not be possible for them to live with the beauty of life. The donations that have been made in this foundation are not taken as a compulsory fee structure. You can donate anything and that will be taken as a benevolent work for the betterment of the life of these people.

An honor to the life
We would like to honor those people who have an immense contribution in shaping up the future of the country or who has done a great job throughout the life. The Heroes Charity foundation also honors the people who have sacrificed their lives in the protection of the country. Only we get to know the names that have been highlighted by the media. But now it is the time to honor those people who have also contributed their life towards the security of the country. It is the time to give them and their family an assistance that we are all beside them at any point of time.